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     Multiquip Model MVC88VGHW $2027

    Soil compaction:

    Soil compaction is an important part of any building process. Unless the underlying soil is compressed or compacted before any building material is placed on top of it, the building site will be subject to settling and shifting which can lead to cracks, breaks and other mechanical failure of the structure.

    Even the bottoms of pipe trenches benefit form compaction. A stable trench bottom is less likely to settle or shift. Settling and shifting of the underlying soil contributes to pipe breakage and blockages.

    Different soil types require different types of compaction equipment and procedures. Cohesive soils or soils that stick together are best compacted with a rammer or pad foot roller. However, granular soils are best compacted using vibratory plates.

    Industrial Products and Equipment Inc can help you in selecting the best equipment for your soil compaction needs.

    Whether you need a hand held rammer for compacting a small cohesive soil area or a trench bottom or you need a large riding roller packer, IP&E can guide you in your choice of a multitude of equipment choices and provide you with special export pricing and sales assistance. 

    Rammer - soil compaction Special: MT86D2 $4447


    When using a hand held rammer in a trench bottom however, be sure to pay particular attention to the slope of the trench walls and provide proper shoring when necessary to prevent employee entrapment. Trench shoring is on OSHA’s "hot list" due to the many injuries recently involving improper trench shoring. Your employee will do a much better job of compacting a trench bottom if he is not worried about it falling in on him. And a better compaction means a more reliable job.

    Remember to contact IP&E for all you trench shoring equipment needs as well as your compaction equipment.

    Below is a sampling of gasoline powered Rammers available from IP&E.  Rugged Diesel Rammers are also available.

    MTR40F Robin Eng, 1215 lbs force, 5.9" shoe
    MT55F Robin Eng, 2250 lbs. force 10.4" Shoe
    MT74FA Robin EH-12-2D, 3150 lbs force 11.2 shoe
    MT84FA Robin EH-12-2D, 3500 lbs force 11.2 shoe
    MTX70 Honda GX100, 2900 lbs force 11.2 shoe
    MTX80 Robin EX-12-2D, 3100 lbs force 11.2 shoe
    MTX90 Robin EX-12, 3550 lbs force 11.2 shoe

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