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    How to get better parts quote service!

     Expedite your parts request and help us get you the best prices on your parts request. Follow these tips.

     When requesting parts information you can get a much faster response if you include all the vital information we need to fill your order.

     For example, we need to know the model and serial number of the machine you are requesting parts for.  Of you know the part number, please give us that as well. Be sure to tell us the manufacture of the machine as well.

     If you need an engine part, like a water pump for example, we will need to know the manufacturer of the engine.  For example, GEHL lifts may have engines from Perkins, Yanmar or Ford.  Often if we have the model and serial number of the engine we can sell the parts at a lower cost than the equipment manufacturer. 

     For Multiquip parts, please give the machine model number as well as the part number of the part you need if you know it. 

    On many industrial machine parts, we can often save you money if you can find the nameplate data of the part you need.  For example, most hydraulic parts are not made by the machine manufacturer but are sourced from hydraulics vendors.  If we have enough information, we can often source these parts directly from the manufacturer rather than paying the dealer markup.  Controls and even final drive units can often be purchased this way. 

    Always include your contact information so we can get back to you with a price once we find your part or if we need more information to fill your request.

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