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Are you looking for the fastest and most economical way to expand your business space?

Office Trailers and Modular Buildings offer the most cost effective and shortest lead time of any building system.

These buildings are custom made to your specifications in about 6 weeks.  You can be up and running in your new business location in far less time and at a much lower cost compared to traditional site built construction.

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Modular office complex

Office Trailers and Modular Buildings


Pros and Cons of Modular Office Buildings

Portable Office trailers and modular office buildings are an economical way to provide space for your business. Portable or modular space is factory-assembled with carpet, wiring, HVAC, restrooms and everything a modern office needs, making it easy to add comfortable, professional-looking offices to your business.

Benefits of modular office buildings

The primary reason many businesses choose modular office buildings is that they are less expensive than conventional buildings. Where you might pay $120 to $200 per square foot for site-built construction, modular office building pricing can be as low as $40 per square foot. Prices vary considerably based on the options you choose and your location, but modular construction is always cheaper.

Another significant benefit is that portable office space and modular buildings can be added or removed as situations dictate. This feature is great for companies with rapidly changing workforces.  Modular buildings can be a huge money saver.

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Modular Buildings are excellent options for these applications.

  • Banks
  • Offices
  • Churches
  • Remodeled Buildings
  • Classrooms
  • Sales Centers
  • Custom Made
  • Security Guard Check Houses
  • Daycare Centers
  • Special Events
  • Emergency/Disaster Relief
  • Storage Units

Industrial Products and Equipment, Inc. (IP&E) can provide the same quality and design flexibility as other well know trailer and modular suppliers at much lower cost.  Also, you will have the added benefit of working with your local preferred installer to have total control of your installation without being held hostage by the suppliers installation crews.

Unlimited Flexibility!

Modular Office trailer complex

The variety of configurations available with modular buildings and trailers is limited only by your imagination. From the simple office trailer for a construction site to a 12 unit complex like the one shown above, we can supply the trailers and modular units you require to meet your space requirements. Click on either of the drawings above for a larger view or click here for yet another sample.

Compare and Save!

Compare our trailers to Acton, GE Modular, Satellite or Williams Scotsman.  In fact, go ahead and get a quote from them and them let us quote the exact same specs to see how we compare.Modular Buildings

We buy from the same manufactures so we can provide the same quality and factory direct service along with complete design flexibility.  Give us a call at 423-336-2316, send us an email or fill out the quote request form below.  Please include you phone number so that we can  call you to discuss the various options available for your trailer or modular building.

If you have a quote from another company, fax us the specs so that we can quote the same specifications for you to make a true comparison.

Learn more about how IP&E can help you focus more on your business and less on searching for your parts and supplies, see our home page by clicking here.

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Custom designed interiors ready for your occupancy for as low as $40 per square foot in as little as six weeks!