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    Curtains, Track & Rigging

    IP&E now offers Mainstage Theatrical Porducts

    Since 1981 Mainstage has supplied quality curtains, track, and rigging components to domestic and international customers, including professional and community theatres, houses of worship, studios, entertainment facilities, schools and colleges, casinos, theme parks, and military bases.

    We custom manufacture curtains in all of our locations, giving us the capacity to honor the most time sensitive order.  In addition to design, manufacturing, and installation services, Mainstage offers consultations, safety inspections, and repairs. Custom fabricated curtains are made completely to your specifications.  If you do not have specifications available, we can provide them along with a firm quotation free of charge.  We use only the highest quality products in the manufacturing of our curtains which, along with our experienced sewing staff, allows us to guarantee your complete satisfaction.  Quotations can be obtained by furnishing us with your specifications (can also be used for track, scrim, drop, and cyc quotes). Not sure where to start? Call us for personal assistance.


    Curtain Types

    Valance A short, fixed, horizontal curtain, placed in front of the front curtain and usually of the same colored fabric.
    Teaser Similar to the valance, a flown horizontal curtain that sizes the stage opening.
    Border Similar to the teaser, a horizontal masking curtain, typically black.
    Front Curtain a/k/a "main," "act," or "grand drape," the first draw of bi-parting curtain on stage that is typically colored.
    Draw Curtain a/k/a "traveler," "mid," or "rear," a term referring to a bi-parting curtain upstage of the front curtain.
    Legs Narrow vertical curtains used in conjunction with the draw curtain, normally black, to mask the offstage areas from the audience view.
    Tormentors a/k/a "torms," similar to legs, placed downstage of the front curtain to size the width of the stage opening.
    Cyclorama  a/k/a "cyc" or "sky drop," once referred to as a u-shaped curtain that was the last setting on stage.  Typically a flat white or light blue color and generally the last curtain lit as the sky background.
    Surround Curtain Sometimes referred to as a cyclorama, a setting of pleated curtains in a u-shape, typically used in elementary schools to reduce costs.
    Olio Curtain A/K/A "in-one-act curtain," an older term for a colored draw curtain or painted drop, located several feet upstage of the front curtain.  Many older Broadway shows were structured to have a small scene in front of the olio while a major set change occurred upstage.
    Austrian Drape A drape raised vertically in multiple scalloped sections.
    Contour Drape A drape raised in multiple vertical sections with each section able to rise independently.
    Scrim A curtain of an open weave sharkstooth fabric that can be seen through only when backlit with the audience side of the curtain dark. Becomes opaque when the audience side is lit and the backlight is removed.

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