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    Every job site needs a power source. For many remote constructions projects hooking up to the grid is just not an option. And even when grid power is available, having a generator on site is just alot more convenient.

    Industrial Products and Equipment Inc can help you select the right generator for your application and get you special export pricing on the unit of your choice. In addition to excellent prices on new generators, IP&E can also supply quality used generators for even more savings.

    When running a generator on a job site, you need to consider the effects of the exhaust gasses. If a generator is located near a pit or other confined space, the exhaust gasses can settle in the confined space to pit creating a potentially deadly situation. Be sure to use adequate ventilation around any generator. And be particularly careful when using a generator around any pit or trench where the exhaust gasses may settle in to the low area.

    Other things to consider when selecting a generator is the load capacity, output voltage and fuel type. A generator need not be sized for the absolute maximum load that you might encounter. Rather than buying one big and hard to handle generator, you may want to consider buying several smaller units to provide power at a variety of locations at once.

    To get expert advice and special pricing on your portable power and generator needs contact Industrial Products and Equipment Inc today.

    Here is a sampling of the many new generators that IP&E offers:

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