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    Industrial Products and Equipment News

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    Issue 5, Volume I


    The history of the backhoe.


    Today backhoes are commonly found on almost every construction job.  It is hard to imagine any dirt moving job without some backhoe work.


    Backhoes are compact and easy to maneuver. One of the reasons they are so popular is the ability to quickly do small jobs otherwise done by hand. Rubber tires give it mobility to handle material and load out unused spoil from excavations. They can also work around obstructions and in tight areas.


    The commonly seen tractor with a front bucket and a rear mounted backhoe was first built in 1953 by a British company known as JCB.  In fact, for years a backhoe tractor was known as a JCB no matter who built them.


    In 1957, Case Tractor Company bought out the original manufacturer.  With the acquisition by Case came many improvements to the original design. 


    After the acquisition was complete, Case engineer Elton Long and his team brought in resources from throughout the company to finish development of an integrated loader/backhoe under a very tight deadline. By early spring, Case had successfully merged technologies to create the Case 320, the first fully integrated loader/backhoe made and warranted by one company.


    Many people think the term back hoe refers to the fact that the digging attachment is located on the rear of the tractor.  However, the term originally referred to the action of the bucket.  The digging operation is carried out by using hydraulic power to pull the bucket back towards the tractor.


    Now, the backhoe can be even more versatile with a backhoe attachment for your Bobcat or other skid steer loader.  Industrial Products has now made arrangements with the manufacturer of a simple yet very efficient dirt moving machine.


    The skid loader backhoe attachment, quickly converts the skid steer into a excavator or trencher.  With the addition of a thumb, your loader can also be used to carry and place heavy and bulky items.  If you need to transport, the dirt from a trenching operation, the bucket can be quickly swapped using the loaders quick attach feature.


    While a traditional tractor style backhoe is highly maneuverable, nothing beats a skid steer loader for getting into small tight places.  Having a simple quick connect back hoe will add a great deal of versatility to your machine.


    Our Skid Steer backhoe attachment is very reasonably priced and might pay for itself in its first use.  This unit is extremely well built and designed by a man who uses his own equipment in his own earth work.  He has incorporated the features that he always wanted into this unit while keeping the design simple and efficient.


    To learn more about the IP&E backhoe attachment see:


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