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    Industrial Products and Equipment News

    From Industrial Products and Equipment, Inc.

    Issue 3, Volume I

    Know what you are lifting!

    Rigging and lifting are part of every construction job. Care must be used when moving and placing equipment and materials on the job site.

    The following story was told to us by one of our customers.

    Several years ago, they were working on a job site lifting up sheets of mineral insulating material 25 feet to the top of a roof. There were workers on top of the roof handling the sheets and workers on the ground using a block and tackle arrangement to lift the sheets that weighed about 150 lbs each. At the end of the rope there was a little hook on a block and tackle that would hold the sheets of asbestos as they were being hoisted up to the roof.

    On that day, a salesman with a company named Ottis stopped by. Ottis was very similar to the Ottis on the Andy Griffith Show in that he was an alcoholic and would come on the work sites with a 5th of something.

    Somehow the young apprentice on the ground hooking the insulating sheets failed to properly secure one of the sheets. The hook flipped (shot out) and caught Ottis' belt. The guys pulling the rope never knew the differ ace as Ottis weighed about the same a a sheet of asbestos. They just kept pulling the hoist until it reached the top.

    Before the guys on the roof knew what had happened, they heard Ottis screaming, Put me down, put me down! Ottis weighs approximately 200 lbs so the guys on the roof hadn't a clue what had happened until they looked over and saw him (Ottis) about 10ft in the air. They slowly let him back down to the ground having to laid him on his back.

    When moving materials on your job site be sure that you are moving the right stuff with the right equipment.

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