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Backhoe attachment for Skid Loaders

skid steer backhoe

Industrial Products and Equipment, Inc. can now supply a backhoe attachment for your skid loader!

Through an arrangement with the manufacturer, we can now offer a simple yet very effective attachment for any skid loader.  

Because we work directly with the manufacturer, these units can be customized to your application.

 Our skid steer back hoe attachment is an awesome piece of equipment and a must for any one who has a skid steer. A skid steer is probably one of the most universal pieces of equipment you can own. A skid steer with one of our simple versions of a backhoe The Skid hoe gives you an inexpensive tool that will be profitable the first time you use it. They are great for demolition, trenching, tile repair water line repair, septic repair, on and on,.....

Click here to see a video of the machine in operation

Or Here for another video

Skid Steer loaders are great for moving materials around.  With this simple attachment, you can use your loader for a variety of trenching and digging operations as well.  With the optional thumb, you can also use it for lifting and carrying bulky items around.

Many of the other backhoe attachments available are much more complicated and expensive.  The IP&E backhoe attachment is simple and effective.  It is also much less expensive.



Skid steer attachments, I know this is a very competitive industry but with our experience in the heavy equipment industry in both operation and repairing them we know where must equipment tends to break. Believe me when I say some of the competition out there, cut quality for productivity and to keep there prices down to be more competitive. I have fixed many of their products due to wear and tear and just plain lack of structure. Be aware some give some false capabilities of what some of these skid steer attachments are capable of doing. We don't intend to be the largest seller of attachments but we do hope to sell the top of the line in durability and the most for your money.

  • Bucket design allows full motion of bucket
  • harden pins
  • reinforced cylinder mount
  • Main attach frame 4x4x1/4 tube
  • boom 4x6x5/16 tube
  • gussets 1/4
  • 16" bucket 1/4 plate w/1/2 side cutter edges and 1/2 main cutting edge
  • 1 1/8 harden pins
  • 1 1/8 bushings 1/4 wall
  • 5 grease able pivots
  • gloss black powder coated finish
  • 3" x 18" hyd cylinder
  • 6' digging depth


If you want the most versatile, and well built back hoe attachment for your skid loader, give us a call with the specifics of your loader or fill out the quote request form below.  In the part number box, note that you are looking for a skid steer backhoe and list the make model and year of your skid loader.

Your attachment will be custom made for your application and shipped directly from the manufacturer and supported by the manufacturer.

Options available: Thumb, 8" Bucket, 12" Bucket, 16" Bucket, 20" Bucket, 24" Bucket

For a more traditional style of backhoe attachment, click here.

Note that we also have a limited supply of used Bobcat brand backhoe attachments available.  These units have been inspected and refurbished by a Bobcat dealer.  Note in your quote request if you would be interested in a used Bobcat unit or would like to compare the Bobcat unit to versatile skid hoe described above.


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